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Chinese toddler girls in world’s cutest taekwondo fight.

Chinese toddler girls in world’s cutest taekwondo fight.

This is the way musical chairs should be played. A chair is taken away after each round but as long as people fit in the remaining chairs (with the feet completely off the ground), they advance to the next round. The chair was replaced by a cooler to make it harder and get people out. This game gets violent. I was choking this girl so I don’t fall off. There are no friendships in this game. 

“I don’t like to gamble, I work too hard for my money. But if it’s one thing I’ll bet on, it’s myself.”

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This kid is my hero

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Kim Kardashian’s lips really bother me

According to a friend, zoning out and getting off track on the road and making unconscious left turns while a car is coming your way doesn’t necessarily make you a shitty driver. That “it just happens sometimes.” Better than drinking and driving. 

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Someone needs to keep reminding me beer isn’t the way to go. 

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Beyonce - Partition